Telegram is a popular and encrypted messaging solution that provides a convenient cloud environment that is cross-platform and manufactured different versions of the applications to run on the Linux, Windows, OsX, Android, etc. In addition, it is the last startup that gets in on the blockchain as well as the cryptocurrency craze.

Telegram team plan to launch their own blockchain system to prevent data censorship, thus they introduced a new cryptocurrency by relying on their about four-year experiences and more than 200 million users. In the last days of 2017, Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, announced that the team is working on an improved blockchain-based technology called Telegram Open Network (TON) so that no one could censor or filter Telegram data flow. According to a leaked whitepaper which demonstrates the TON road map and features by details, TON could be considered as a decentralized supercomputer also routing system which is gaining a considerable value of security and encryption using minimum possible of data transactions. The TON core is based on a scalable and flexible architecture of a novel blockchain concept introduced by the Telegram co-founder, Dr. Nikolai Durov. The novel method of blockchain technology is suitable for massive data transaction therefore responsible for many online users. With this new technology and relying on more than 200 million audiences, they plan to supply a new cryptocurrency.

Moreover, TON will be an alternative to the Master or Visa card to make modern international financing more decentralized and consequently independent. TON reveals a paying method called “Light Wallet”. Light Wallet needs low processing and software resources hence it could be run on mobile devices. Integrated into Telegram applications, the TON-Telegram wallet will prepare an easy and instant cashing system. The TON coins which called “Grams” will be exchanged amid Telegram users especially like the other cryptocurrencies, the Gram would be available for external use.

Finally, regarding Telegram raising popularity, TON ICO (Initial Coin Offering) may just be the biggest token sale in 2018 and it is estimated to be more than one billion dollars.