LinkedIn is the most popular solution in today’s world to share the professional aspects of your life. Many people included but not limited to students and job seekers use this worthless social media to present their proficiency, persistence, and purposefulness not only to convince the recruiters about themselves but also to extend their professional network and knowledge. I’m going to share my knowledge about how to use LinkedIn more effectively, for the first item, the profile photo will be focused here.

As a matter of fact, one of the most important points of a profile that could attract or distract a first visitor at first glance is your profile photo. So, the profile photo is not just an option provided by LinkedIn; in fact, it is a big chance to impress the viewers.

Many people do not consider the profile picture important enough. According to statistics, people with a profile photo have 21x more opportunities to be seen and 9x more chance to obtain new connections. Apparently, having a profile picture shows that there is an alive person behind that CV, achievements, experience, and the whole profile. Hence, due to the abovementioned facts and figures, having a profile picture is a necessity, but its quality does matter as well.

But how could you measure the quality of your profile picture on LinkedIn? I strongly consider transforming qualities into the quantities as one of the most challenging affairs in our world. In fact, it is impossible to score a profile photo but throw break the quality measures into some minor factors, it will be easier to be solved so far.

First of all, your profile photo must show your face clearly. Avoid a group photo with someone else in it. Remember that LinkedIn is not Facebook or Instagram to upload an artistic photo on the seaside staring at the horizon. Zooming and cropping are effective tools to enhance your photo. You must crop the photo to eliminate anything except your head and shoulders. Likewise, keeping the background clear is an additional obligation. The background is better to be empty of distractions which relegate the impression of your face.

Smiling is another important factor in your profile photo, so do not be too serious. Your photo must show that you are a professional person who is trustworthy, vigorous, and holding a strong background and skills. Your face style has to be with a gentle smile to show your vigorousness and trustworthiness. Maybe if you search “gentle smile” on the Internet, you will find enough samples to shape your face well when the photo is shotted.

The impression of smiling, which one is a more trustable person to be your college or to work with? photo from

Caring the light, colors, and the photograph equipment are other important ingredients of any profile photos. A well-suited profile photo has to be enough lit. Avoid taking the photo in darkness eventuating in low contrast and sharpness. Also, if you want to do it with your cellphone or digital camera, search Google to achieve the best performance using your device brand and model. To be more meticulous, it is a possible idea to pay for gaining a perfect profile photo, maybe your first salary covers much more than such a cost.

Snapper photo analyzer is a powerful and magic tool to estimate the impact factors of your LinkedIn profile photo. I recommend you to test it for free.

Never forget the importance of your profile photo on Linkedin. It says many things about you, so let it tell the right things.